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Live In Couple London

Couples London fall in to two categories. Some of our clients would require very experienced and formal staff. Whereas there are other clients who require less formal help. Clients expect married couples or long-term partners to have a range of domestic skills. The usual combination is driver/handyman with gardening experience and understanding household duties. The partner should be experienced in all aspects of running a household and cooking.

Salary would start from £30,000 per annum for the couple.

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Couples in London

Appointing  couples London means you have all the bases covered. One person to run the household, clean, cook and help look after the children. The partner is experienced to garden, do maintenance jobs and driving. They may run your home on their own or be part of a team for larger properties.

Depending on your needs, together they can cover a variety of roles including chauffeur, handyman, gardener, cook, housekeeper and nanny. Generally couples London look for a full-time, live-in position and prefer separate accommodation.

Domestic working couples are commonly defined as; ‘Two persons employed in the capacity of a unit working different roles but striving for the same outcome.’ Generally, they are a married couple or persons of long-term partnership who have worked as a couple in London the past. You should expect references from suitable candidates.

There are different roles for couples. Some households want formality and others prefer people who are more casual. It is important us to have clear instructions from you.

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Housekeeper looks after your home as if it were their own. All our Housekeeper candidates are personally interviewed in our office and have checkable references.

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A Chauffeur is someone who is able to drive luxury cars such as Bentley, Mercedes, Rolls Royce etc for a living. Their duties vary as to whether they are working for a private household or for a company.

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Mother's Help/Nannies

mothers help

Mother's Help and Nannies helps with the children, having sole charge for required periods. Assists with light household duties and cooking although not fully responsible.

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A butlers’ responsibilities can encompass more than one household. If his duties include the supervision of other domestic staff in one or more households he is often referred to as a House Manager.

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There will be a time when many of us need extra help in our daily lives. You may be less sure on your feet, unable to take care of yourself properly, or are just feeling lonely.

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Couples fall in to two categories. Some of our clients would require very experienced and formal staff. Where as there are other clients who require less formal help.

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